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The ZUS controls sick leave in Wielkopolska.  More than 200 people lost their benefits مزايا

The ZUS controls sick leave in Wielkopolska. More than 200 people lost their benefits مزايا

In the first quarter of 2021, certified doctors in Greater Poland conducted nearly three thousand checks on the validity of sick leave. As a result of these inspections, they issued 363 resolutions suspending the additional payment of entitlement, in the amount of approximately 182 thousand PLN. PLN. On the other hand, 661 people were censored for the use of sick leave. As a result, 231 people were deprived of the right to an allowance of more than 234 thousand PLN. PLN.

The most common reason is the abuse of sick leave. It relates to the performance of remunerated work while receiving benefits, such as a sickness or care allowance for one payer, and the performance of work, for example an authorization contract, for the other payer.

The year 2020 was marked by a pandemic, so it was certainly difficult to get sick leave checks during this period. We had to ensure the safety of both the inspectors and the persons subject to the inspection. For this reason, we focus more on conducting inspections based on the documents and data available in the ZUS IT system – says Marlina Novica, regional spokesperson for the Social Insurance Institution of the Greater Poland Province.

Currently, due to the improvement of the epidemiological situation, the Social Insurance Institution will systematically return to the activities that we know before the outbreak of the epidemic, and this also applies to the issue of sick leave control.

It should be noted that not only the Social Insurance Institution, but also each employer has the right to check the correct use of sick leave by employees, for which they pay compensation for sick time from their own resources in accordance with Art. 92 of the Labor Code.

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An employer also has the right to check the proper use of sick leave that pays its employees (including other insured persons, such as contractors) sickness and care benefits as well as rehabilitation benefits. These are the employers who report more than 20 people who are insured for health insurance.

An employer reporting more than 20 people insured for sickness insurance submits an examination of the correct use of sick leave from work for which employees are entitled to sickness and care or rehabilitation benefits to a ZUS branch, which pays these benefits to its employees.

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