Amazon customers from Germany and Austria may be able to get Prime at a much cheaper rate. For the monthly subscription, you no longer have to put 7.99 euros on the table, but only 3.99 euros. Even the first 30 days are free.

Amazon Prime: Monthly subscription at 50 percent off

With Amazon Prime, you’re already worth 7.99€ per month if customers opt for the monthly subscription. Many customers may not realize that it is also much cheaper. In addition to discounts for students and interns, Amazon offers another discount option. This can be Persons with social or family permit Uses. The discount also applies if there is no obligation to pay broadcast fees (Source: Amazon).

According to Amazon, the cheaper offer is only available to customers based in Germany or Austria. Verifiable and start with a free period of more than 30 days. current Notice of exemption from broadcasting fees Is enough. Alternatively, a city social pass can be submitted. Amazon lists about 50 cities in this context. The verification must be carried out again after twelve months.

To the show: Amazon Prime is 50 percent cheaper

It is important to note that the file Discount only on the monthly subscription Granted – not an annual subscription. With the reduced monthly subscription, there are total costs of 47.88 euros per year. The standard annual subscription is 69 euros. In comparison, there is a saving of €21.12 per year.

Amazon Prime Video Features:

Amazon Prime: More than just free deliveries

Amazon Premium Service Provides A Full set of features, which can be especially useful for frequent users. In addition to free and fast delivery of Amazon orders, Prime members also have access to Amazon Music with about two million songs. There is also Amazon Prime Video with several movies, series, and some UEFA Champions League games.

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