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Third League: Marco Antwerp: His record from Waldhof to Waldhof – football

Marco Antwerp’s coaching career in 1. In February of this year FC Kaiserslautern started with a great match: the derby at Waldhof Mannheim. The newcomer solved this task with flying colors, but today, after seven months, he is under criticism.

What a euphoria it was for the FCK fans when Marco Antwerpen led the team to a derby victory over Waldhof Mannheim in their first match – after three draws in this duel, which was so important to the fans. Antwerp rebuilt almost the entire crew and made Jan Zimmer the captain. His 2-0 win proved he was right, the fans loved him.

make exclusion

But the orgasm did not last long. Antwerp managed to stay in the league, but in the end the Red Devils were far from what they had hoped for at the start of the season. Antwerp was 15th with 22 points from Jeff Sibin, and at the end of the season the Red Devils were 14th with 43 points. It was shaking until the end. It should all get better this year – you think.

Bad start to the new season

The season had just begun when Petzenberg started grumbling again. Marco Antwerp scored just five points with 1. FC Kaiserslautern so far. There was only one win in the first seven games of the young season. But what’s worse: The Red Devils’ performance, especially far away, is anything but inspiring.

goal scoring problem

While they’re still eleven at the home table, things are looking grim far from home. Not a single point, not a single goal, FCK has scored so far on foreign soil. Even Victoria Colin, who is one place behind Lautern in the first leg and thus at the bottom of the table, has already scored two away goals. The striker’s problem is big, because just four goals in seven matches is definitely not enough.

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At home, no one could beat Antwerp

From the coach’s point of view, stability in our home country is definitely a positive. FCK has yet to lose a home game in the third division under Antwerp. Fans rejoiced with the 3-0 win over Munich 1860 this season. However, there were not many other great victories under Antwerp: only five of the 11 games against Pittsburgh were won, and the remaining six ended in a draw. If you look at the previous point average, Antwerp is no better by 1.13 than its predecessor Jeff Saibene with a score of 1.0. Other FCK Division Three coaches fared better: Boris Schumers averaged 1.6 points, with Sasha Heldman 1.55 points.

shivering from landing

Overall, statistically at least, things don’t look particularly rosy for Antwerp. The fans are worried about their club and are afraid of another shivering season. To survive as coach at Betzenberg, Antwerp can only help with victories – a home win against Waldhof Mannheim on Saturday would certainly be a step in the right direction.