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This is how ARMY celebrated BTS’s V . birthday

BTS is one of the most popular bands today, which they celebrate since December 29th along with army Because they celebrate birthday Kim Taehyung’s number is 26 AKA Fifth.

Fifth He was born in Daegu, South Korea, on December 30, 1995, but due to the time difference between countries, it is already possible to see members army They started with the bountiful celebrations they always prepare for BTS members.

In social networks it can be seen that fans army He made various surprises for Fifth, who is considered the most handsome man in the world, in addition, in Mexico and the rest of the American continent they will not lag behind either and will soon begin to congratulate the singer for spending birthday Do not forget.

This is how they celebrate BTS’ V’s birthday

To date, one of the most popular congratulations to Fifth, from BTS, he organized army from Sinchon in Seoul; It’s a giant Taehyung doll dressed up similar to the characters from the Squid Game series.

The attraction has become a trend on social networks and the fans of the South Korean band did not miss the opportunity to take some photos to post on their own accounts and also to participate in the celebration.

However, fans weren’t the only ones filmed with an inflatable doll FifthBut the singer himself Taehyung went to the venue to celebrate with his fans and also has a picture of a doll, as he showed it on his Instagram stories.

Similarly, in Ukraine, Colombia and the United States, billboards have been placed in them birthday of charisma Fifth, by BTS.

the singer Fifth He is resting away from the stage, as he will be able to spend his birthday with his family and close friends, except for RM, SUGA, and Jin, who have been isolated and recovered after contracting COVID-19.

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