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This is the last song Gloria Trevi gave to Sergio Andrade after his release from prison Video

Controversial singer Gloria Trevi Years ago he dedicated a song to his ex-partner, Sergio Andrade, Which he wrote during his stay in prison.

This topic appeared in October 2004 when a translator ??Everyone looks at me?? He was planning to return to the stage after years of absence, however, the song was written while he was behind bars Cereso from Chihuahua.

?? In the midst of the storm ??

The melody is titled ??In the middle of the storm?? Is it part of your album?How the universe was born?? , Which marked his musical comeback with a total of 12 songs.

The lyrics of this article talk about the power of love and how strong it is to endure various tests, in addition to that it indicates the new opportunities that exist after the fall, which is why some speculate that the song was dedicated to Andrade. As a farewell way.

“I swore not to leave you and told you of eternity. When the weather is good, it is very easy to say that I will not fail. As I walk beside you through the sunny meadows of March and shelter them with kisses of calm. January,” recalls the composite material by Trevi.

Music video

Later, in late 2004, Trevi officially released a video for the song that he directed Alexander Lozano.

The video was recorded in Adjco And as the singer herself revealed, her fans are the stars of this material.

In the video images, the translator was seen surviving a car accident, after which a girl approached her to shake hands with her and arrives where there are many people, which symbolizes her followers.

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