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This legendary track returns in Gran Turismo 7

This legendary track returns in Gran Turismo 7

In the racing game Gran Turismo 7, the famous track as it is legendary proceeds and is very popular with many racing fans around the world. Refers to Den Daytona International Motorcycle, which can be found in the sunny state of Florida in the United States. You’ll soon be able to ride it in digital form.

A road with a great history

The Daytona International Expressway was officially opened in 1959 after about a year and a half of construction and initially served mainly From the NASCAR series, which is very popular in the USA as a place. More than 101,000 spectators will find their place on and around the track, including the grandstand that was converted in 2016.

A special feature of the Daytona International Motorway is the division of the area into a classic four-kilometer circuit and an indoor street track of approximately 5.7 kilometers. In this way, different racing series can be held Such as IndyCar, World Truck Series and Superbikes.

Daytona returns in Gran Turismo 7

Daytona International Speedway appeared in previous games in the Gran Turismo series and is now back with a slightly updated version. In Gran Turismo 7 (Buy now €79.99) You can expect an improved version, especially in terms of graphics, with more detail than ever before. A new video gives you its first taste, which takes you for a full round of the ring. On this occasion, you can take a closer look at the same time at the graphics of the game, which will be released on March 4, 2022 for PS5 and PS4.

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Gran Turismo 7: Trailer Presents the Legendary Track in Daytona