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Why doesn't Cyberpunk 2077 include police chases?  The developer explains...

Why doesn’t Cyberpunk 2077 include police chases? The developer explains…

Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t a successful start, which probably doesn’t need reminding anyone. However, players still point out the missing items to the creators, such as inaccessible chases with the police.

Players still can’t comprehend the reality of it Cyberpunk 2077 movie It won’t be the game the studio promised. One of the charges against the production is the lack of a Grand Theft Auto V police chase. The game designer responded to criticism from the community by noting that not all open-world games contain such elements. Interestingly enough, he added that the chases were already planned and were due to appear in Cyberpunk 2077. So why weren’t they there?

Why didn’t CD Projekt Red include Cyberpunk 2077 chases? The studio covers technical issues, so these items had to be removed before the premiere.

It turns out that the developers simply did not have time to write the code responsible for the chases that would work on all platforms. The studio won’t be able to premiere the game, which has already been postponed anyway. Hence, the item hunt plans were abandoned. During a recent live broadcast, Bowie Sasco was asked why the game focuses on vehicles and driving and does not have a police or car chase sequence – law enforcement officers appear near the player, which can be very annoying. The questioner noted that this feature was present in “every other open-world game,” which seemed to irritate Sasco.

He replied, “First of all, it’s not every open world game, right? Because, like, I don’t think Sonic, the chase game, is going to get it, or the open world game Elden Ring.” This joke, however, infuriated the players even more. Sasko revealed that CD Projekt Red had intended to include police pursuits in Cyberpunk 2077, but several technical limitations caused it to be removed before development was complete. These limitations may apply to last-generation consoles, whose lack of power has been blamed for some technical and performance issues in the game at launch.

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