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This year it will arrive on the Nintendo Switch and Android Pokémon Unite

Mexico City: Multiplayer Fighting Game pokemon unite Coming in July 2021 on console nintendo converts And in September on “smart phones”, it will have Online connectionIt is multi-platform and will be a free download video game.

The Pokémon Company indicated with the title developer, TiMi Studio CollectionPokémon UNITE will have optional payment items. What is more, Pokemon The official has released a trailer with new scenes from Pokémon UNITE.

What is the game about?

The video game consists of holding Unite Battles on an island in an unexplored area of ​​the ocean, ios IslandTwo teams of five players, each playing a Pokémon trainer, try to score as many points as possible by defeating Pokemon from the other combined.

Players earn these points by collecting them “EOS Energy” After defeating the Pokemon of the other team and the wild Pokemon, which must be placed in the “target areas” (bases) of the opponent. The duration of the battles, the number of ingredients and the legendary Pokemon vary.

Pokemon start at level 1 in each encounter, and level up as they get experience points to learn new moves and evolve. Players can play in qualifying matches where they start with the rank of Novice (Beginner’s Cup) and rise to the rank of Master (Master Cup).

When the trainer reaches his pokemon to the highest levels, the Pokemon They will be able to perform a Unite move (Unite Move) in Unite Battles, a move the company defines as “particularly powerful” and as an advantage.

To be able to fight with a Pokemon You must have your Unite license, which is obtained by exchanging Aeos coins earned in Unite Battles of the Unite Battle Committee.

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At the customization level, trainers can change their clothes and accessories, and Pokemon can wear anthropomorphic clothes based on ios energy. In addition, it is possible to take a Unite photo to visualize the player’s avatar and his Pokemon, and before battles, the character’s expression and pose will be seen, which is also customizable, and stickers can be added.

In games, all Pokemon They offer different characteristics and occupy a role according to their fighting style: attacking (offensive), defender (defensive), fast-paced (agile), supportive (assist) and all-rounder (balanced).

How to get rewards

Additional rewards can be obtained thanks to the Battle Pass for each season, which are obtained by leveling up by completing missions and are enhanced with Aeos gems.

The payment methods feature three services: Aeos gems, which are only available through payments, and Aeos coins and coupons, which can also be earned through gameplay. The Unite the battle committee It allows you to get coins and gems, and in Aeos Bazaar (Aeos Emporium) it is possible to get things for Pokemon and accessories for characters.

From September, Switch players and ‘smartphones’ will be able to battle each other in Unite Battles of Pokémon UNITE thanks to its cross-platform connection.

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