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This year’s Performing Arts Festival will honor Panamanian dancer Filka Chu

Monday, February 21, 2022 – 6:20 pm

The choreographer, actress, and university teacher remembered passed away in 2020

Eleventh International Festival of Performing Arts 2022 (FAE 2022), to be held From April 5 to 10, a tribute to the Panamanian dancer and choreographer Felca Chu will be held, passed away in 2020.

The organization of the festival stated that they are striving for this distinction “Thank you for your committed and permanent support to achieve this meeting since its beginnings as an artist and part of the festival’s work team.”

Roberto Enrique King, General Producer of FAEcomments that from the very beginning, Professor Vilka Chu was present at the event, As volunteers, they contribute their time and energy to the development of the festivalThe cultural director, either as a hostess for international dance companies or as a protocol officer in theaters, is remembered to later become part of the production group as a coordinator of dance training activities.

Likewise, the FAE decided to dedicate this edition to Vielka Chu to highlight her “perseverance as a person and as an artist and her contribution to national art and culture, particularly in the field of Afro and contemporary dance, and as a teacher of Afro and contemporary dance. A number of outstanding dancers and dancers are nowadays, which will be the best justification And a reward for their work.

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Philka Chu was born on December 10, 1952. She entered the University of Panama to study Social Communication, and at the same time began her career in modern dance at the Department of Artistic Expressions (DEXA), where she was part of Haiku Modern Ballet, a pioneer in our country.

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She also featured as an actress in plays such as “La Cansta Calva” and “La Chula Linda”. He was the hero of the Panamanian movie “Quemando la nave” and participated in other films such as “La india dormida”, “El Empire again” and “Panamá Radio”.

He was a teacher at the School of Dance at the College of Fine Arts and collaborated with the Festival Prisma, Panameñísima Reina Negra, and the Festival of Congos and Devils of Portobelo, among other cultural initiatives.