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Thousands of vaccines left!  Warsaw vaccinated without registration also on Monday.  Legia is waiting!

Thousands of vaccines left! Warsaw vaccinated without registration also on Monday. Legia is waiting!

Author: Marek Zelensky / Super Express

Over the two days of the weekend, nearly 12,000 people were managed by COVID-19 at four municipal mass vaccination centers. Persons. Including more than 4 thousand without prior registration. The total number of jobs is expected to reach 21,000. Persons. Of them, 10 thousand. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was prepared as part of the ‘Come get vaccinated’ campaign for all volunteers who haven’t had an appointment yet. But a lot of vaccines remain! – We are continuing to vaccinate without records as of Monday (May 31) from 10 on the same points. Until the last dose – Vice President Renata Kaznowska announced Sunday evening. Legia on top! Most of the volunteers were vaccinated at the stadium.

Perhaps the inhabitants of Warsaw were as afraid of such queues as they were during the May vaccinations on the PL. Banking services. I was preparing for a long wait here and a quarter of an hour and my head scared! – Mrs. Anna was happy after leaving the vaccination point at Legia Stadium. There were no waiting lists on Łazienkowska Street, at the sports centers of Ossowskiego and Strumykowa, or at the Żegańska Cultural Center. – If we only open two or three booths, there will of course be queues. But we have prepared a lot of vaccinations. People only “Were vaccinated And it literally took a few minutes – Says Vice President of Warsaw Renata Kaznowska. Of the four vaccination points, the largest number of people received a dose of vaccinations at Legia Stadium. There, 4.5,000 people were vaccinated against Coronavirus in two days. A resident of Warsaw. But there will be more work! …

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Including azienkowska, Wawer, Biaołęka, and Targówek 7 thousand people were vaccinated on Saturday people. On Sunday, more than 5,000 people. That is, a total of more than 12 thousand, including 4.3 thousand. As part of the unregistered people campaign. But thousands of vaccines are still in the fridge. On Friday, Warsaw received – almost at the last minute – a large shipment of Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccines and had only 24 hours to organize the campaign. – AroundThey won’t be wasted, they have 30 days of shelf life. But we decided not to wait until the end of next week. From Monday out of 10, we continue the vaccination campaign without records until the vaccine runs out – Vice President announced Renata Kaznowska.

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