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Archbishop Wiktor Skworc thanks Orlen for purchasing Polska Press

– We thank PKN Orlen for purchasing the Polish local press from the German capital – We can see this change in the local “Dziennik Zachodni” – Archbishop Wiktor Skworc said.

He also thanked for the efforts made to introduce the trade ban on Sunday, stressing that it was in line with Poland’s justification. – The reason for the Polish presence is also a Sunday free from unnecessary work! He said: The day of God and man.

Polska Press’s board of directors has changed completely

At the beginning of February, the head of the Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau issued Orlen unconditional approval to purchase Polska Press from German company Verlagsgruppe Passau. The deal was completed in early March.

Meanwhile, Dorota Stanik, who has run the company since 2004 and has worked for it since 1996, has resigned as president of Polska Press. Three people from the Dickman family, owners of Verlagsgruppe Passau, said goodbye to the publishing house’s supervisory board.

PKN Orlen appointed a new composition for the supervisory board of the publishing house: Tomasz Jakubiak of PGE Ventures became chairman, the other members were Marcin Dec (president of Sigma Bis media agency owned by Orlen and PZU), Marcin Jankowski and Magdalena Squirezka of Orleans.

In mid-April, Marcin Dec was appointed chairman of Polska Press, and it was stated that he would keep that position until a new board formation was formed. In mid-May, Thomas Brzybek was elected president of the publishing house, and candidates were given only four days to submit their applications.

When Orlen bought it, Polska Press was valued at approximately 131 million PLN, moreover, the buyer appropriated the cash surplus of the publishing house, which amounted to a net 79 million PLN.

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A series of changes to Polska Press’s newsrooms

On June 1, the editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Wrocławska” (Polska Press Grupa) will be Alicja Giedroyć-Skiba. The current Editor in Chief, Arkadiusz Franas, leaves the publishing house by mutual agreement. In “Głos Wielkopolski”, new editor Ken Wogsikh Wibranovsky will replace Adam Pavovsky.

Also at the beginning of next month, Gazeta Lubuska Editor-in-Chief Janusz تشikovski will be the former Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Polish Radio West. He will replace Szymon Kozica, who became the head of the sports department in the editorial office.

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In “Dziennik” Zachodni, Marek Twarug is replaced by Grzegorz Gajda, previously associated with TVP3 Katowice and EM Radio. Curd cheese said goodbye to readers in the pages. In “Dziennik Polski” and “Gazeta Krakowska”, Wojciech Mucha replaced Jerzy Sułowski, and in January of this year. In the “Polish capital Warsaw” daily newspaper, Bowie Senecki is replaced by Wojciech Rogasin. Rogasin also stopped taking over the presidency of “Nasz Historia”, and in May Witold Głowacki resigned as first deputy editor-in-chief of the monthly newspaper.

At the beginning of May, Janusz Shimonik, deputy editor-in-chief for many years, decided to leave “Dzynek Zakodny” after 33 years in business. In the middle of the month, Justyna Przybytek-Pawlik left the magazine after 14 years in business.

Tomas Petraszak, current editor-in-chief of Gazeta Pomorska, Express Bydgoski and News Dziennik Toruński has also been fired, and will be replaced by Marcin Habel from TVP3 Bydgoszcz at the beginning of June.

Wojciech Rogasin is no longer the editor-in-chief of “Naz Historia” (he replaced Seneke as head of the editorial office of “Poland in Warsaw”). In May, Witold Głowacki resigned as first deputy editor of the monthly newspaper. – I don’t see a place for myself in his new version prepared by the publishing house – he told The new editor-in-chief of “Nasz Historia” Tadeusz Płużański was recently associated with Polish television, and a scientific board for the magazine was established, headed by Dr. Piotr Gontarczyk.

Kaczyński and Morawiecki praised the purchase of Polska Press

At the start of the year, Law and Justice Party Chairman and Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki spoke very positively about Orleans’ takeover of Poland in their interviews with Telewizja

I think this is one of the best news I’ve heard in recent years. This is the first step in the other direction – stressed the head of the Law and Justice Party.

He criticized the presence of foreign capital in the media. We have largely deprived ourselves of the media in favor of non-Polish factors, especially German ones, with a great loss of our sovereignty – we are no longer as a state, but as a nation – and with heavy losses in other regions – values.

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The impact on youth was cited as an example of these losses. The media, which the Germans took over in the 1990s, played a major role in demoralizing the youth, and the simpler and more primitive at that. It was really a shock, Kaczyński said.

Matthews Murawiecki emphasized that the purchase of Polska Press by PKN Orlen is underestimated, which in his view is an important step from the standpoint of the whole concern strategy in the retail sector.

The media, especially to this extent, should not be the property of their foreign owners, because the media is of great importance in shaping public opinion – at the discretion of the prime minister. – We totally see not only what is happening in Poland, but also in the United States – this is something extraordinary. Capital is of great importance, he added.

At the request of the Commissioner for Human Rights, the court withheld approval to purchase Polska Press

In April, the Competition and Consumer Protection Court (Warsaw District Court Division) suspended the unconditional approval of the Head of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to PKN Orlen’s purchase of Polska Press. This was announced on Monday by the Ombudsman’s Office, which sent such a request to the court.

The court confirmed in a statement issued on Tuesday that it had issued such a decision. – He stressed that the above decision is not subject to appeal. He relied on the provision of the Civil Procedure Law, which states that “In the event of an appeal against the decision of the head of the office, the Competition and Consumer Protection Court may, upon the request of the party who filed the appeal, suspend the appeal. Execute the decision until the case is resolved.”

Failure to accept the request of the Commissioner for Human Rights may lead to PKN Orlen’s implementation of a non-final decision, because it has been appealed by an authorized body, which should not generally happen in a democratic state governed by law, and which may be questioned in the course of judicial review, which, If implemented, it could have negative effects on competition – Judge Małgorzata Perdion-Kalicka wrote in the justification for the decision posted on the Ombudsman website.

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According to the Bureau of Competition and Consumer Protection, the Competition and Consumer Protection Court, subject to the Ombudsman’s request to suspend UOKiK President’s approval of the takeover of Polska Press by Orlen, did not indicate the substance of the issues, and it is possible that he did not read UOKiK’s position and the case files.

Soon the President of Orlen, Daniel Opagtik, asserted that “there are no legal grounds for restricting PKN Orlen in exercising the rights under the acquired shares”. The purchase of Polska Press was executed in accordance with applicable law, after obtaining the final decision of the Head of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. PKN Orlen will use all available means to protect its rights – Obajtek assured

Polska Press publishes 20 regional daily newspapers

The Polska Press Group includes more than 20 regional daily newspapers (“Dziennik Bałtycki”, “Dziennik Łódzki”, “Dziennik Zachodni”, “Gazeta Krakowska”, Głos Wielkopolski, “Kurier Lubelski” and “Polska Metropolia“ Warszawska ”) Ilustrowska. “Gazeta Krakowska”, “Dziennik Polski”, “Gazeta Lubuska”, “Gazeta Pomorska”, “Kurier Poranny”, “Gazeta Współczesna”, “Nowa Trybuna Opolska”, “Echo Dnia”, “Gazeta Codzienna Nowiny” and “Głos Dziennik Pomorza”, “Express Bydgoski” and “Nowości Toruńskie”) as well as approximately 150 local weekly magazines (including “Nasza Historia”, “Moto Salon”, “Moto Salon Classic”, “Strefa Biznesu” and “Strefa Agro”) and the free newspaper

The company also publishes around 500 websites, mainly and individual newspaper headline portals.

In 2019, Polska Press Capital Group recorded a decrease in sales revenue of 6.5%. To 398.44 million PLN and the net profit from 9.64 to 8.59 million PLN. Newspaper sales revenue decreased 8.9%, advertising revenue decreased 4.9%, and the number of employees reached 2,126.