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DHL: Is the package damaged?  You have to pay attention to that

DHL: Is the package damaged? You have to pay attention to that

DHL: Is the package damaged? As a customer, you have to pay attention to that now

Deutsche Post: The package has not arrived – you need to do now

Deutsche Post: The package has not arrived – you need to do now

Many know the inconvenience. You ordered something, but the package did not arrive and you do not have a notification in your mailbox? Then your hands are not tied.

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When a customer is a DHL package damaged The frustration was great at first.

After all, some parcels contain valuable goods. Hence, anger is understandable to one DHL package damaged Reaches.

DHL Package Damaged – What Next?

Several people share their complaints on the company’s Facebook page every day. DHL damaged parcels are also a normal problem there.

A customer from Frankfurt last time posted a screenshot to track a shipment of a DHL parcel sent there. “Because the outer packaging was damaged, the shipment was repackaged,” she says.

This baffles the customer. What do I do when the parcel arrives? He asked, “It opened in the presence of the handover? Did he notice that in some way?”

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DHL parcel damage: Customer concern

Just like this customer, many other customers are also very concerned if their DHL package arrives damaged. Customers are less concerned about the package and more concerned about the actual contents of delivery.

Key questions to ask yourself: What if not only the DHL package was damaged, but also the goods you ordered? How can I prove to the seller that the damage is not my fault?


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DHL Package Damaged: This is how it should react

It didn’t take long for DHL to reply. The company said, “We are sorry that your parcel was damaged in transit. Checking the sender is not necessary as authentication has already been done in our systems. If content is damaged, please notify the branch within 7 calendar days.

+++ Deutsche Post Take action: This is prohibited if you want to send regular letters +++

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In other words, if a DHL package arrives damaged, don’t panic at first. Just because the outer packaging is damaged doesn’t mean that the merchandise must also be damaged.

Also if content is damaged, customers must visit a DHL branch within seven calendar days. Employees can initiate further measures on site. (Dhi)