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Three simple rules for cooking pasta in moderation

Three simple rules for cooking pasta in moderation

The debate over the continued rise in electricity and gas prices has been going on in Italy for some time. Recently, a new topic appeared in it: Noodles and energy saving. The Italian Food Federation, an organization of producers of food products, contributed to this. Submitted Amazing search results Implemented on the occasion of World Environment Day, which falls on June 5.

While searching, specialists analyzed The effect of cooking Italian paste on the environment in terms of energy, water and carbon dioxide emissions. They calculated that if all Italians always put a lid on the pot when cooking water for pasta, 350 million kWh could be saved each year. This amount of energy is enough to illuminate many football fields.

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Three simple rules for cooking pasta in moderation

The practical advice generated by the expert results is very simple: First of all, always remember to cover while waiting for the water to boil. This will provide the power needed to charge two or even three cell phones. If the right amount of water is used, and therefore not too much, the cell can be charged up to five times.

The recommended next step is to turn off the gas stove or induction cooker before it is time to drain the pasta to cook for a while. This, explained, passive cookingno longer uses energy.

explained Riccardo Felicity, president of the Pasta Producers Association.

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According to the surveys presented, three quarters of Italians pour a lot of water into the pot, and the practice of “passive cooking” is mostly alien to them. Only every tenth person knows this. It is much better when it comes to using a cover. Up to 87 percent of it puts it in a pot of boiling water. Italians.

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