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Titanfall continues – but Respawn pulls the plug first

Yesterday, Respawn popped up with a message that caused quite a stir, considering you’re getting a little bit out of the game.. About fall of titanIt means a lot to the team, but it should have disappeared from the stores first.

Titanfall sales have stopped

Who’s original fall of titan You want to play, you must hurry. They said the sale of the game was halted in parallel with the publication of a statement from officials. In addition, you will fall of titan From March 1, 2022, it will also disappear from the offerings of all subscriptions that have previously played the game.

We decided to do new sales from the original fall of titanThe game is starting today and we will also be removing the game from subscription services on March 1, 2022. However, we will keep the servers alive so that the enthusiastic fan base can continue playing, and everyone who owns the game and wants to join the match will have the opportunity.”

But why all this? A question many have asked themselves. At least, the statement left some questions unanswered and hopeful Titanfall 3 Many still do not die.

Titanfall will live

As evidenced by the statement, should fall of titan Definitely a future. It has been emphasized many times that the game is of very special interest to the team and is part of Respawn’s DNA.

Make sure of that fall of titan It plays a central role in Respawn’s DNA and perpetuates this amazing universe. today with Titanfall 2 And Apex Legends and in the future. This franchise is an example of the level of experience we continue to create here at Respawn. “

The statement fell back with more detail, so we’re groping in the dark when it comes to the “and in the future” statement. While some see this as just a continuation of Titanfall 2 And Apex Legends Intended, others suspect that the republishing team may add more in the future.

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Nothing in progress yet

However, you should not bend too far from the window. Hopes on Titanfall 3 I recently submitted to Jason Garza, Respawn Community Manager. He stated in a live broadcast that they are not currently working on another program fall of titan– work address.

We don’t have anything in the works at the moment. There is nothing. nothing at all. We are currently working on a very large number of other games‘ So Garza.

why in fall of titan Pulling the plug and making an ambiguous statement? Perhaps it was all just coincidence or unfortunate timing. You hope so Titanfall 3? And you will be on his feet now fall of titan Gamble by subscription, if you don’t leave the game behind anyway?