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MacBook Pro has a new problem

MacBook Pro has a new problem

16-inch MacBook Pro users are complaining about a problem with MagSafe 3 and battery charging. Well, Apple laptops do not charge when they are turned off. Is there a way out of this situation?

As Reddit users write, the 16-inch MacBook Pro does not charge when turned off, the lid is closed and a 140W charger is connected. The indicator flashes amber instead of green. PC owners reported a problem to Apple, but the impact of the complaint varied. In a few cases, the manufacturer gave a replacement notebook, taking the previous computer for a detailed analysis. Firmware errors are the cause. A customer admitted that the Cupertino giant contacted him before sending the computer into service in order to ask detailed questions and perform initial diagnostics.

Some MacBook Pros have trouble charging the battery.

The presence of the error is confirmed by online registration and sharing Video. While there are ways out of the Apple Support site, they don’t always seem to work. Not all include all copies of the MacBook Pro, although the manufacturer must find a solution of this size. This isn’t the first time the MacBook Pro has had this problem.

Some time ago, we wrote about a problem playing videos on YouTube, which is related to computers running Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max. The error occurred in different browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, and macOS Monterey 12.0.1. It has been speculated that this is a problem with AV1 decoding. Most importantly, the problem does not affect all MacBook Pro owners, it affects only a percentage.

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