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Tom Lieb as a Couple: Who is Constance Labe’s Sweetheart?

It’s official, Tom Lip is in a relationship. The singer fell in love with 33-year-old actress Constance Lappe, whom viewers do not know.

Without offending his fans, Tom Leeb is officially no longer a heart to take! On July 13, her sister Elsa decided to sell the wick on Instagram in the most amazing way: by sharing a photo of young lovers. And the France representative in ممثل l’Eurovision The year 2020 has fallen for Constance LappeShe is the sister of actor Guillaume Labbé, who was seen in The school of life And the I promise you. The 33-year-old sweetheart of Tom Lip has immersed herself in the art world since childhood through theater and swimming. She studied at Cours Viriot and Cours Florent before leaving for New York. She then returned to France where she joined Atelier Palmade.

Constance Lappe will soon be the star of Balthasar!

After doing a lot of plays, Constance Lappe He got a role in the series Balthazar With Tomer Sisley. A program where she will also replace Hélène de Fougerolles after her exit from the series was announced. “A lot of people thought I left but it wasn’t my decision. It’s a decision made on many levels: the book, the producer, TF1… We all worked together. The idea was for them to start writing again, because once the two main characters got together, it was less important.‘, inform the latter of Tele-Leisure. Constance Lappe Sichem Camille, Captain of Humorous Police.

my viewers camping paradise You also know Constance Lappe well since you camped there Adele character During the eighth season, she was replaced by Ariane Broder, before taking one of the main roles in the film Chase on TF1. On the cinematic side, Tom Lip’s girlfriend has mainly played supporting roles, especially in spoiled for choice In 2016, or beautiful girl In the year 2020. Agustin Galiana fans can find it in the TV movie Love at first sight in Andalusia Where she plays the role of her sister who mysteriously disappeared on her wedding day. It will also appear in the sequel to happy retirementWith Michel Larroque and Terry Lermitt. But her best story with Tom Lip is the one she wrote!

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