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Tom Morello celebrated Gabriel Borek’s victory on social media

Guitarist The Rage Against the Machine celebrated Gabriel Borek’s victory on Twitter. This is not the first time he has referred to political moments in Chile.

Historical Rage Against the Machine, guitarist Tom Morello Celebrate on Twitter Gabriel Borek’s victory In the second round of the 2021 presidential election.

We won!! Cast, the fascist and Pinochet’s lover, admitted (his defeat in the election) #Gigantesco,” the musician wrote.

your celebration Follow on InstagramHe posted the same picture of Borek next to the text: “Chile: Anti-Fascists: 1 – Fascists: 0”.

On Election Day, the guitarist confirmed his support for the president-elect, Call to vote for Social Affinity Deputy.

El mimbro de Rage Against the Machine Seems attentive to events in Chile for years. In 2019, he used his networks to talk about a military dictatorship.

“Another tragedy of September 11 occurred in Chile in 1973, when a US-backed coup overthrew the democratically elected government and tortured and killed thousands,” he said at the time.

Leftist President Salvador Allende died, while the hands of Victor Jara (Bob Dylan from Latin America) were smashed and later killed dozens of times in the Santiago stadium, Along with the thousands of others who “disappeared” “In the following decades,” he added.

Likewise, in October of that year, Share different images of social outbreaks.

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