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Torun League. BKS BOSTIK Bielsko-Biała – Grot Budowlani Łódź, Energa MKS Kalisz – IŁ Capital Legionovia – Results and Report. volleyball

– We have a combative attitude, as always, and the key to victory will be concentration and elimination of mistakes – indicated Martina Zazowska before the start of the match with BKS Bostik Bielsko-Biała during the seventh round of the TAURON League. Her team was still joining this match without Susana Gorica injured, and on the other side of the net were opponents who were eager to win, especially as they won the first match in the fourth round of the TAURON Liga.

It was the errors mentioned by Łazowska that became one of the main reasons ódź players lost in the first batch. While Bielsko’s players only had three of them, Jakob Goshak’s accusations fouled nine times, plus they scored only 23% effective in attack. In the second game they were ahead until 10: 7, but then the BKS compensated for the losses thanks to the tight block, which already in the first version scored five points (in one Grot). The main drawback for Team Wodge was the broken licks, which led to a fierce finish in the second set. Łódź’s players got off their feet thanks to two successful attacks by clear captain Monika Fedusio.

However, Pelzczynki was still performing well in the penalty area (15:7 in the whole game, including six points from Dominica Berchata), midfielder Magdalena Janiuk and host Colette Yszkiewicz, who was making his debut in it. This match, popped up front. The season in the six core of BKS. From the third batch, Bartłomiej Piekarczyk’s fees reduced their flights significantly, and more and more mistakes were made (10 in the third batch). They even got up to fight in the fourth set, but despite the many points advantage, they lost the opportunity to extend the fate of this match. Vidosio essentially won the Lodz players’ victory, with Jacob Goshak serving at the end of the match with a string of points. It was the host of the Polish national team who received the award for the best player, but Azowska’s achievements also deserve attention, receiving three points out of seven with a serve, two with an attack and a block.

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The Legion continued its winning streak, winning with Energa MKS Kalisz only Monday evening in the tiebreak. But for most games, they had problems stopping Monika Gałkowska and Ewelina Żurowska, who after three sets could boast a 55% effectiveness in attack. Suffice it to say that in this element, together with the charges of Alessandro Chiapini, the best result, 43%, was achieved by … the middle, Alexandra Greca. Yaprak Erkek and Olivia Różański tried to fight the match, but could not count on the support of Gyselle Silva, who returned after giving birth and striving for stability, which was only 14% effective in attack.

The chances of extending the fate of this match were used by the Legionnaires in the fourth installment, fighting the fight evenly to the end. In the tiebreak their dominance was evident, and the last point in terms of the weight of the victory was scored by the players of Alessandro Chiappini … Jaukovska, who performed an attack after the confrontation. Although Erkek and Różański were clear captains of the team, Izabela Lemańczyk was named Player of the Game for the third time this season. A great result was achieved by Legionovia midfielder, Alicja Grabka, who scored eight points (five with an attack and three with a point). On the Calis women’s side, attention was paid primarily to the position of quarterback Alexandra Segan, who finished Monday’s match with Block’s seven points.

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BKS BOSTIK BIELSKO-BIAŁA – BUILDING GROT LODZ 1:3 (25:16, 24:26, 14:25, 22:25)

BKS: Chmielewska 1, Szlagowska 6, Pierzchała 10, Orvošova 10, yszkiewicz 15, Janiuk 13 and Drapek (l), Borowczak 1, Bartkowska, Kazała. Fitness Trainer: bakery;

cave: Łazowska 7, Fedusio 19, Lisiak 6, Cleger 6, P. Damaske 14, Centka 7 and Łysiak (l), Szczurowska 10, Kędziora, Lewandowska. Fitness Trainer: capercaillie.

best player: Videosio. They judged: Pałka and Rek. Viewers: 330.

ENERGA MKS KALISZ – IŁ CAPITAL LEGIONOVIA 2:3 (21:25, 25:20, 25:16, 24:26, 6:15)

MKS: Gajewska 4, Mucha 10, Cygan 12, Gałkowska 21, Żurowska 14, J. Łukasik 11 and Wysokińska (l), Miechowicz 2, Kucharska, Drużkowska. Fitness Trainer: Basinsky.

Legionovia: Grabka 8, Różański 21, Tokarska 8, Silva 3, Erkek 21, Gryka 8 and Lemańczyk (l), Szczyrba 8, Dąbrowska, Stefanik., M. Damaske Fitness Trainer: chiabeni.

best player: Lemańczyk. They judged: Valerzak and Rush. Viewers: 1390.