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Toyota GR Supra finally gets what fans want

Toyota GR Supra finally gets what fans want

The Japanese company says that the Supra will get a gearbox called Toyota GR Supra Manual Transmission. According to the manufacturer, it is designed in line with the expectations of fans of classic sports construction. Would that really be the case? Sure, the car will be more demanding than the “automatic” version, but some people want just that, right?

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Besides, there is also the case of the previous fourth generation Supra. Today, versions with a 6-speed Getrag manual gearbox and a rear axle differential are most in demand. Supra enthusiasts who have ordered the new model know this, and in our opinion, it will translate into increased demand for the new three-pedal variant.

Photo: Toyota

Toyota Supra pedals, clutch, brake, gas

The GR Supra manual can be recognized by the red Supra badge. Interestingly, Toyota also introduces the GR Yaris in its GR-branded car show. The little boy, inspired by rallying, was until now available only with a manual transmission, now it is more and more heard that this car will receive an automatic transmission …