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Neither Apple nor Tesla was saved from shutdown - El Financiero

Neither Apple nor Tesla was saved from shutdown – El Financiero

facing China Worst spread of COVID-19 In the past two years. The number of confirmed cases is increasing in more cities, while there is no sign of the situation improving in Shanghai, where tens of millions of people are still confined to their homes.

On Friday, April 15, the Chinese National Health Commission confirmed the discovery of more than 24 thousand cases, of which 20 thousand 694 correspond to cases of transmission at the local level.

Of this total number of local infections, 19872 was discovered in Shanghai.

China, which has a strict “zero tolerance” policy against COVID-19, Experiencing an outbreak attributed to omicron variable Which causes record numbers of injuries that were not recorded since the beginning of the epidemic in the first half of 2020.

These are some of the key areas in China that are increasing restrictions, remaining closed or loosening controls.

Danger on the horizon for COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 cases are increasing in Suzhou, and the local government closed down Kunshan City last week. who – which They had to stop production at the factories of at least 30 technology companies Taiwanese companies, including the iPhone assembler Pegatron Corp.

Earlier this week, the Suzhou municipal government said it had no plans to close, in a bid to allay the fears of residents who had begun stockpiling food in case they were suddenly confined to their homes.

Taiyuanthe capital of northern Shanxi Province, I started ramping up the checks last week Now it has shut down six central districts where most of its 5.3 million residents live.

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The major southern city and commercial center of Guangzhou Suspended in primary and secondary grades. In addition, subway stations closed.

In confinement due to COVID-19

Shanghaiwhich is home to the world’s largest port and many Chinese financial markets, including the stock exchange, Still under strict confinementMost of its 25 million citizens are confined to their homes.

the siege The production of car manufacturers such as Tesla and new. It also prevents trucks from making deliveries and causes delays at the port.

In an assessment of supply chain disruptions, He Xiaoping, CEO of electric vehicle company Xpeng, said that Chinese automakers will have to stop production in May if the lockdown continues.


Northeastern Province Jilin successfully controlled the spread of COVID Through a month-long shutdown of 24 million people.

The success prompted local authorities to begin easing restrictions in several cities across the province, allowing factories to resume production. In the capital, Changchun, production The state-owned auto company, a partner of Toyota Motor Corp., will be restarted. and Volkswagen AG And local media reported that a month after the closure.

The eastern Chinese city of Suzhou saw local infections drop to zero earlier this week after its nine million residents went into lockdown two weeks ago. The local government gradually lifted restrictions and resumed public transportation, manufacturing and other business activities.

Tangshan and Langfang, near Beijing, were also able to control local outbreaks and began lifting restrictions this week.

A big hit to iPhone production?

Autoridades de Zhengzhou Restricted areas near Foxconn Technology Group factory, the main iPhone manufacturing baseWhich could cause more trouble for Apple’s supply chain.

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Local authorities announced Friday night that they will place some areas in the Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone under quarantine with immediate effect, according to a statement on the official WeChat account. According to the statement, the people of the area will not be allowed to leave.

The latest measures taken by the Chinese authorities to try to contain the increase in cases of COVID-19 caused the suspension of the activities of Apple suppliers such as Pegatron Corp. and Quanta Computer Inc.

With information from Bloomberg and EFE.