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TPMP video: Jean-Marie Begaard reacts to François Cluzet’s intervention

TPMP video: Jean-Marie Begaard reacts to François Cluzet’s intervention

On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, Jean-Marie Bigard had the opportunity to respond to the intervention of François Clouse, who attacked him at En Aparté, on the Touche Plateau and not in my position. His reaction is completely unexpected and risks causing the main discomfort.

The start of the week started under the rant by Francois Clouse. guest on show asideAnd the The actor shouted angrily at Jean-Marie Begaard and Fabrice Luchini. And as a reminder, she abandoned them: “They are colleagues because they are jumping at the chance of an epidemic… But shut up! I don’t regret, I honestly think so, they’re huge ! Where are these young people from? They have ego like a skyscraper! Let them leave us alone, we are in dire straits! “

But it hasn’t stopped there since then The person who could have been saved by Clouds Kanye he added : “We are actors, we are not alone on stage. We are partners. Neither of them is a partner. They don’t give anything to each other! I know, I played with them. They give nothing! So if they don’t offer something to the partners, then there is nothing. The result of the races, the audience owns nothing! They are selfish, paranoid, I don’t know what… They give a picture of this terrible job“.

Jean-Marie Beegard sarcasm

The day after this malicious speech, Jane Marie Bigard had the opportunity to respond to this topic in the group Don’t touch my TV. With a smirk, the comedian burst out first: Poor man, I love François Cluzet. I think he is a great artist. I would love to be his friend I already said that, he shot himself in the foot (…) What did you do? why ? It is quite possible that I am smitten but that does not exclude that I can be very smart and kind.”

Furthermore it, The person who has already been affected by the criticism received He preferred to set the record straight because he issued an invitation to François Cluzet by adding: “I have a problem with injustice, it’s easy to turn on. I am (…) I adore you Cloclo, for me it is absolutely necessary that we go and drink chamomile together, it will comfort us, chasing you.” It remains to be seen if this will make him want to talk about all this face to face or if it will bring the point home…

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