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Trump claims the 2016 election was rigged – Clinton agrees

Trump claims the 2016 election was rigged – Clinton agrees

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and former FBI chief James Comey are just some of the accused of conspiring against Trump in the 2016 US presidential election.

The lawsuit, now in a South Florida court, relates to allegations of extortion and the dissemination of “malicious intent.” Trump’s legal team wrote in their request that Hillary Clinton and her aides “manufactured an unimaginable plot” by “deliberately” spreading lies that Russia backed Trump in the election. According to the former president, the plot is also of such a nature that “even Watergate pales in comparison.”

Russia has consistently denied involvement, and a special investigation led by Robert Mueller has never succeeded in establishing a link between a potential Russian influence campaign and Trump himself.

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Attorney General: Trump is guilty of multiple crimes

Why Trump chose to sue Clinton for this now — six years after an election he also won — is unclear.

However, the timing is opportune as it distracts from Wednesday’s announcement, when he published a letter of resignation written by special counsel Matt Pomerantz. The New York Times. In the letter, Pomerantz, who is investigating Attorney General Carrie Dunn in Trump’s case for economic crime, said he was convinced Trump was “guilty of several serious crimes.”

Stock Photography – District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who chose not to sue Trump. Photo: Craig Rattle

“The team that investigated Mr. Trump has no doubt as to whether he committed a crime – he did,” he wrote in the letter.

Pomerantz chose to withdraw from the investigation after the new New York attorney general, Alvin Bragg, chose not to prosecute Trump. According to Pomerantz, this was a grave mistake that “will condemn all future attempts to prosecute Trump for the criminal activities we have investigated.”

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