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Trump defeats Haley in the South Carolina primary

Trump defeats Haley in the South Carolina primary

Just minutes after the polls closed on Saturday evening, former President Donald Trump could be declared the winner, with only one percent of the votes counted, in the state of South Carolina by several American media outlets.

It was an expected announcement, if you look at previous polls in the state.

Shortly after the initial results appeared, Trump celebrated the victory with his voters.

“This came a little earlier than expected, and it's a bigger win than we expected,” he told a cheering crowd in Columbia, South Carolina.

After 90% of the votes were counted, Trump received an approval rating of 60%, compared to 39.3% for Haley's reports. CNN.

Hailey: “A woman of my word”

In recent weeks, Donald Trump defeated his rival Nikki Haley in the primaries in the states of Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. Now the former UN ambassador must see himself defeated in his home state.

The elections in South Carolina were previously referred to as crucial elections for Haley, and now pressure is increasing on her to withdraw from running for president.

But Nikki Haley declared in her speech after the loss that she is “a woman of her word” and will not back down.

– I will not give up this fight, not when the majority of Americans hate Donald Trump and Joe Biden, she tells her voters in Charleston, South Carolina.

She added that she does not believe that Trump can defeat Biden in the upcoming presidential elections.

Nikki Haley now has two options, says Fouad Yousfi, SVT's US correspondent.

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Hear Fouad Youssoufi about Nikki Haley's remaining options in the clip above.