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Turbo Golf Racing brings Rocket League and Golf together •

Turbo Golf Racing brings Rocket League and Golf together •

This year, Turbo Golf Racing aims to bring together Rocket League and Golf.

What Rocket League is for cars and football, the next Turbo Golf Racing wants to be for cars and golf.

The game from developer Hugecalf Studios and publisher Secret Mode is scheduled for release in 2022 for PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One – and will be released on Xbox Game Pass.

With the car over the green

Up to eight players race through the green in their cars and try to drop the oversized golf ball on the target. Crossplay is also supported.

You can customize your vehicles with many options, from color to spoiler to chassis. There is a power core at the heart of every vehicle. You can unlock many of them in the game, they change the basic stats of your car and unlock special abilities.

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Moreover, not only do you drive on the green but you can also take off, activate your wings and glide towards the target.

In the post-release period, the creators plan regular free updates with new courses, powerful cores and cosmetic items.

beta in spring

You can already complete a training round in the spring with the help of the trial version, but no specific date has been set for that yet.

Recordings on Official Website Possibly, you can also participate on Xbox consoles via the Xbox Insider Program.

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