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“Alto’s Adventure” is now renewed in Apple Arcade

Today, the first remastered part of the mobile game “Alto’s Adventure: Mountain Spirit” was released on the App Store as part of the Apple Arcade service.

It’s been so long since he’s been playing Alto Adventure It first appeared on the App Store. The classic game was released for iPhone and iPad in 2015, for Android in 2016 and already had a successor. Now a new version Alto’s Adventure: Mountain Spirit (mountain spirit) is now available for download for all users with an active Apple Arcade subscription.

Alto’s Adventure is great fun snowboarding through the mountains, performing jumps and back hops, and “crunching” over ropes and houses. If you haven’t played any part yet Alto Adventurebe sure to check – but beware: this game is really addictive!

Alto’s Adventure version on Apple Arcade also offers new incentives for players who are still familiar with the game from the old days. There are wooden artifacts that can be collected while going down. Once you find and capture ten of these artifacts, a brand new character will be unlocked. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten that far yet – but I can tell you how to get the artifact.

From level 7 onwards, artifacts appear at distances ranging from approximately 5,000 to 6,000 meters. If you miss an artifact, it will reappear after a few hundred meters and you have a second chance. After collecting the artifact, you need to complete 3 regular missions so that the next artifact appears in the next round.

After unlocking and starting to play with a new character, Alto’s Adventure: Mountain Spirit also faces some new challenges called “Lost Goals”. Up to 20 of these particularly challenging missions are already available at the start of the game, and more will be available in the future.

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All I can say is correct Alto Adventure It still has the same magical look and great mechanics – with improved graphics and new levels! I’ll definitely be collecting 10 artifacts to unlock a new character, and I’m excited to see what awaits me next.

Official description of the game from the App Store:

Join Ato and his friends as they embark on an endless journey on the ice. Travel through the beautiful alpine hills of their native wasteland, wander through quiet local villages, ancient forests, and long-abandoned ruins in search of the mountain spirit.

Along the way, you’ll rescue untamed llamas, slither on rooftops, jump over terrifying chasms, and outrun village elders as you face ever-changing elements and discover secrets long hidden deep in the mountains.

Alto's Adventure - Reimagined for Apple Arcade
Alto’s Adventure – Reimagined for Apple Arcade

Game Features:

  • Smooth, agile and fun physics-based gameplay.
  • Explore procedurally generated terrain creating unique landscapes, views and gameplay possibilities.
  • Fully dynamic lighting and weather effects including thunderstorms, snowstorms, fog, falling stars and more.
  • Easy to understand but hard to master. The heart of the Alto Series is an elegant one-touch trick system. Combine combos and score hundreds of goals to unlock new items and skills – all with intuitive controls.
  • Test your skills by achieving more than 195 well-researched goals.
  • Discover seven unique snowboarders with special traits and abilities, including a unique character never before seen on Apple Arcade.
  • Challenge your friends in Game Center. Compete for the highest score, best distance and best set of tricks!
  • Grab a jumpsuit from Izela Workshop and enjoy a whole new gameplay dynamic.
  • Beautiful minimalistic graphics and atmosphere.
  • Original music and custom soundtracks provide a great and immersive experience, including new music and unlockable sound effects (headphones recommended!).
  • Universal application with support for iCloud. Play on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You will always sync your progress.
  • Progress so far from Alto’s Adventures (2015) is importable, giving old players the chance to start right where they left off.

Source: Apple Arcade | AppGefahren