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Xiaomi 12 Pro in Poland later this month. Xiaomi Poland invites you to the premiere

Xiaomi 12 Pro is the long-awaited flagship. When will we see him in Poland? In a few days. Xiaomi Poland invites you to the first official presentation, which will take place at the end of this month. Then we will know the local prices for the whole chain. We can also guess that some interesting promotions will be prepared to start the sales of Xiaomi 12 Pro.

Xiaomi 12 Pro is the flagship that made its European announcement in the middle of the month. How about the premiere in Poland? This is no longer a secret. Xiaomi Poland has announced that the official announcement of the series will take place in March. A specific date has been given.

Polish premiere of Xiaomi 12 Pro on March 31

Xiaomi 12 Pro and the other two models in the series will be presented in Poland on March 31. On that day, there will be a special event dedicated to the new smartphone and it is likely that we will know the prices in Poland. Let’s not expect it to be low. On the contrary, it will certainly not be cheap. Just look at the dollar amounts.

  • Model 12 Pro – from $ 999 (about 4300 PLN)
  • Model 12 – from $749 (about PLN 3230)
  • 12X model – from $649 (about PLN 2,800)

However, it remains to be believed that Xiaomi Poland will prepare some interesting promotions to get started. At first, we will buy smartphones with some interesting gifts or at discounted prices. There is nothing else to do but wait for the details.

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