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Twitter Private Data Security Terms and Conditions

in the last days Twitter is having a hot season. Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey recently resigned from his position at the company. He was replaced by the current CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Parag Agrawal.

Photos will be deleted without consent

For several years, Twitter has been asserting that one of its main problems is The security of its users and protection from uploading content that violates privacy on the platform.

The site has now announced the expansion of its security policy with additional points. Twitter It is prohibited to post and share photos and videos of a personal nature without the consent of their owners.

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Twitter explains on a blog that there is a growing concern about the misuse of multimedia and information not available elsewhere on the Internet as a tool for harassment, intimidation and disclosure. Sharing private media such as photos and videos can violate a user’s privacy and lead to emotional or physical harm.

The site notes that the abuse of private content can affect anyone, but it can also affect Disproportionately large impact on women, activists, dissidents, and members of national minorities. If you receive a report that the Tweet contains illegal private media, Twitter will take actions consistent with law enforcement capabilities.

If we are told by the people pictured or by an authorized representative that they do not agree to share their private photo or video, we will delete them. This policy does not apply to media that portray public figures or individuals if the media and the text of the accompanying Tweets are available in the public interest or add value to public discourse. Twitter announces.

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As part of its security policy, Twitter previously banned the site from publishing certain sensitive data, such as private phone numbers, home addresses, payment card details and bank account numbers.

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