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UEFA abolishes the double away goal rule

UEFA abolishes the double away goal rule

This solution was recommended by the Club Competitions Committee to the UEFA authorities.

The double-goal rule was introduced away from home in 1965. Until now, it was in effect in the Champions League and European League, and consisted in the fact that with an equal number of points and goals after two matches, the team that scored more away goals went up to the next turn.

Now, for example 0:0 and 2:2 as well as 1:3 and 3:1, the referee will ask for extra time twice for 15 minutes and possibly a penalty shootout.

“The effect of a principle contrary to its original purpose”

For some time now, there have been critical voices from many prominent UEFA activists, not least because during the COVID-19 pandemic, many meetings have been held on neutral ground or without public participation.

The away goal rule has been an integral part of UEFA competition since its introduction in 1965. However, the question of its abolition has been debated in recent years. And the official website of the European Union quoted Aleksander Ceferin as saying that despite the lack of consensus, many coaches, fans and football partners questioned the impartiality of this rule and expressed their desire to abolish it.

He added: “The effect of the principle of extraterrestrial goals is now contrary to its original goal.” In fact, this discourages local teams, especially in their first matches, from attacking because they fear losing a goal that gives their opponents a decisive advantage. The unfairness in extra time has also been criticized, as the hosts must score two goals during this time when the away team scores one.

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In Poland, this rule was in force in cup competitions, but in the current PP format, one of the matches decides to advance to the next round.

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Source:, PAP