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Unable to join the Rift Tour for Ariana Grande in Fortnite, what do I do? – Break Flip

The Rift Tour started in Fortnite, and for some players, it’s impossible to join the event and game mode! We explain why.

the The first performance of the Rift . tour It will be held on Saturday 7 July at midnight in It is an electronic game ! This event is eagerly awaited because Ariana Grande concert that will happen in the game, and that is why it will also happen It is impossible for many people to join the event, and attend the first date of the event.

In fact, the game mode can only accommodate one Limited number of players. Epic Games also recommends Connect to the game one hour before the start From the event for greater chances of getting a seat! If you can’t join the game mode, there’s a good chance it’s because Number of players already online. You will then have to attend the Rift Tour on another date.

Why is it impossible to join the Rift Tour on Fortnite?

If you can’t join the Rift Tour on Fortnite, it’s probably because there are too many players in the game mode! If you really want to attend Ariana Grande’s concert, the only solution is to attend the concert at Another date for the rift tour !

It is also possible that during such an important event, the game servers are experiencing some problems. It is advised to follow the official Fortnite Twitter account (Source), to stay informed of any concerns that may be encountered during the event.