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UNESCO: Part of the Danube River is a World Heritage Site

UNESCO has designated the Danube River Limes as part of the boundaries of the ancient Roman Empire as a New World Heritage Site. The committee responsible for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural and Communication Organization (UNESCO) issued the decision on Friday Known at its 44th meeting in Fuzhou, China. The Danube Limes in its Bavarian section runs from Bad Gögging in the Kelheim region through Regensburg and Strubing to Passau.

At the current UNESCO meeting, which will run until Saturday (31 July), Germany has already received its fifth prize. Prior to the decision, tensions escalated on Friday after Hungary left the joint application with Germany, Austria and Slovakia at short notice. The committee then postponed the decision, which was already scheduled for Monday, and initially formed a working group for further deliberations.

The fortifications of Hadrian’s Wall, the Antonine Wall in Great Britain (1987/2008) and the German High Rhettania (2005) have already won prizes.

The World Heritage Committee that decided to award the prize consists of the 21 Contracting States elected to the 1972 World Heritage Convention. As a rule, it is decided annually to include new cultural and natural sites in the World Heritage List. Due to the pandemic, the conference was postponed last year. More than 1,100 cultural and natural sites in 167 countries are on the World Heritage List. 51 of them are considered threatened.

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