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United States of America.  Airlines cancel hundreds of flights due to Omicron

United States of America. Airlines cancel hundreds of flights due to Omicron

A spokeswoman for the airline said United Airlines has canceled 230 flights. “This week’s national surge in Omicron cases had a direct impact on our flight crews and staff,” Maddie King said. It added that cancellations represented a fraction of United’s average flight of 4,000 during the holiday season.

“We are working hard to rebook as many people as possible so they can make it to the holidays,” she said.

FlightAware data showed that Delta Air Lines had canceled 292 flights by 11:23 a.m. EDT (4:23 p.m. GMT). A spokesperson for American Airlines said the airline had to cancel 90 flights on the mainland. Worldwide, a total of more than 2,500 flights were canceled on Saturday, and about 4,200 more were delayed.

Not all airlines are equally affected by Omicron

A Southwest Airlines spokesman said there were no problems with flights on Saturday.

The Omikron variant was first detected in November and now accounts for nearly three-quarters of COVID-19 cases in the United States and 90 percent. In some areas of the country, such as the east coast, for example. The average number of new coronavirus cases in the United States has increased by 45% over the past week. Up to 179,000 a day, according to Reuters data.

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