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United States of America.  United Airlines has purchased 15 Supersonic Overture aircraft

United States of America. United Airlines has purchased 15 Supersonic Overture aircraft

American Airlines, United Airlines, has ordered 15 supersonic aircraft that can travel at twice the speed of regular aircraft. The machines are slated to be the successor to the Concorde, a hypersonic passenger jet, the last of which took place in 2003. However, approval for supersonic flights must come from the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the Federal Aviation Administration American.

United Airlines has purchased aircraft provided by Boom Supersonic. The machines will be able to reach more than 2000 km / h. Shortens the journey from New York to London to 3.5 hours. Test flights are scheduled to begin in 2026, and passenger flights will begin three years later. The agreement states that American Airlines may order an additional 35 aircraft.

United States of America. United Airlines has purchased the Overture supersonic aircraft. Commercial flights in 2029

The first order is completed when “the machines meet stringent safety, operational and sustainable development requirements.” The front is expected to carry fewer passengers than the subsonic passenger jets and will be 65 to 88 seats, less than the Concorde. Seats are priced based on a business class fare.


Supersonic aircraft have become the target of criticism from environmental organizations. They emphasized that such machines require much more fuel than ordinary passenger planes. However, US airlines have announced that by 2050 they will be able to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions. Overtune is the first large commercial aircraft to be 100% in use. Sustainable aviation fuel.

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