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Norton 360 will allow you to mine cryptocurrency

Norton 360 will allow you to mine cryptocurrency

What we expect from an antivirus package is above all a guarantee of security, protection from threats and effectiveness. However, Norton Security decided to come up with a rather unusual idea – the very popular Norton 360 package will include a cryptocurrency mining tool.

Although the number of people using antivirus packages is a little lower than it was a few years ago, Norton Security is undoubtedly one of the most popular producers of such software. It is usual that you are not informed about new products in the individual software packages of this interest, but there is one thing that definitely attracts attention and makes you wonder if this is really a good direction for development.

Popular antivirus…

Soon the most popular package of this company will be found – Norton 360 Cryptocurrency Mining Tool. As the manufacturer assures, these are excellent solutions, because we will no longer have to search the Internet for programs that are often defective and lead to the theft of part of the “output” or user data.

Norton also ensures that while mining Ethereum, it will not be necessary to disable the antivirus package, which is now a necessary condition when using virtual currency mining code. But where will our profits accumulate? Norton will store it in the cloud, and the antivirus will give us the opportunity to exchange the accumulated funds through the Coinbase platform.

come in. Norton

Is this the right direction?

It is undeniable that this is an original and surprising situation – We have repeatedly heard the opinion that antivirus software should be light and not burden computers, and adding a cryptocurrency miner to it is definitely not a step in this direction. Of course, this tool can be turned off, but many users may not be familiar with it, especially since the Norton antivirus suite comes pre-installed on many computers.

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I also have mixed feelings about the argument that introducing a cryptocurrency miner to a popular antivirus will “civilize the process.” Well – cryptocurrency trading is one of the last things I would call transparent and transparent.

Norton 360’s new feature will be available to all users in a few weeks – although the tool will only allow Ethereum mining for now, Plans include adding support for other virtual currencies.