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Nestlé has realized that 60% of its products are unhealthy

Nestlé products
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The Swiss food company Nestle admitted in an internal document that more than 60% of its products do not comply with it Standards that should be considered healthy. Information published by the Spanish newspaper الاسباني Country In an article he noted that even some of the company’s products would never be healthy even if they were refurbished.

The information was provided by company executives and subsequently disseminated financial times Publish and review Country. The document indicates that an analysis of half of the products was carried out. The results indicated that Only 37% of foods score above 3.5 Based on the Australian star rating system.

What is more, 63% of the foods rated It does not reach the healthy level, as well as 96% of the drinks.

“We have made significant improvements to our products, but our portfolio still lacks healthy tariffs,” the document says.

The largest food company, which sells everything from chocolate to cereal, was also revealed, by a spokesperson Nestlé Spainwhich they are trying to improve. The company has constantly sought to improve the nutritional composition of products to significantly reduce saturated fat, salt and sugars.

Nutrition expert Juan Revenga sees these data as no surprise. “This shows that the managers already know that They produce unhealthy products. The expert said, quoting the expert, not because they do not reach excellent levels of health, but because they are not in good health. Country.

By now, the company was known to be updating its nutritional and health strategy. So They review the product catalog Thus, ensure that your goods meet nutritional needs and support a balanced diet.

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