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UPC Polska Board of Directors as Chairman

UPC Polska Board of Directors as Chairman

The new executive committee of UPC includes people from P4 and UPC Polska, although the former head of this company – Robert Redelliano – He announced his departure already last week. He has been UPC president in Polska since Monday Jean Mark Harrion. The Board of Directors also includes: Peter Kurata (Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs), Michael Nosgaard (marketing manager), Beata Zboroska (Chief Financial Officer), and Michal Zyukowski (Technical Director). These five also make up Zarzid Play Communications (P4).

The remaining five people (along with the board of directors) make up the new executive committee of UPC Polska. They are: Jaroslav Hellmann (B2B Manager), Marta Jakuluk (Head of Human Resources Department), Magdalena Gotchak (Director of Strategy and Transformation), Paweł Passowicz (IT Manager) and Visit Przemyslaw (Director of Sales and Customer Service).

In the second half of March, Jean-Marc Harrion announced that after the acquisition, UPC Polska and Play would continue to operate as separate brands. – UPC is a brand that is deeply rooted in the minds of Polish users, it is associated with fast Internet and high quality of services, this is a goal that brings us closer to each other – emphasized. In connection with the purchase of UPC Polska, Telekom is preparing new offers that combine fixed and mobile services.

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Last year, P4 had a 2 percent increase in revenue. to PLN 7.3 billion and EBITDAa earnings of 2.38 to PLN 3.13 billion. The number of telecom users increased by 323 thousand. It reaches 12.396 million. In turn, UPC Polska all last year. It achieved a revenue increase of 4.6 percent. to $454.8 million and net profit from $58.4 to $82.6 million. At the end of the year, the operator had 1.57 million customers for whom it provided 3.35 million service units (RGU).