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US sets award to help catch DarkSide hackers

US sets award to help catch DarkSide hackers

The reward for not getting caught as much as helping to find the DarkSide leader is Up to 10 million dollars, or about 40 million PLN. The United States believes that by offering this award, it will demonstrate that it is committed to protecting ransomware victims worldwide. This is not the only prize – the United States also offered $5 million. To obtain information that would assist in the arrest of those who assist in the attacks carried out by the Darkside Group.

DarkSide works so far According to a specific scenario First there is a hack, then a ransom demand to return encrypted data during the attack. The ransom, of course, must be paid in the cryptocurrency for which the data decryption key is transmitted.

Let’s remember that the Russian hacker group, DarkSide, is responsible for the ransomware attack on the Colonial pipeline operator – this launcher Unfortunately he had to pay a ransom. The good news, in turn, is that US services have recovered more than $2 million. The ransom paid to hackers by Colonial Pipeline.

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