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Use different designs in Microsoft Edge browser, thus customize Edge browser

Some use your programs as they appear after installation, while others like to make things more personal and customize their appearance. The Edge browser also offers a number of options here which is why in this quick Edge tip we’ll show you how to activate different designs in the Edge browser and thus adapt the look a bit to your own liking.

It is very easy to access the themes in the Edge browser. Go to the three dots in the upper right corner and select them from the list Settings then in the text menu on the left, go to the area for take photo Transformation. On the right side you can see it under the title customize appearance Various options for changing the design.

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You can now for it public view Specify settings for light or dark theme in the panel Design You can select different color schemes, which are also applied directly to parts of the browser and you can also Discover more designs Then we move on to a set of more graphically complex designs, which also have browser-friendly backgrounds. If that is not enough, you can use the link chrome online store Just open this and find many designs of all kinds out there. However, in the designs area, only the last looks from the store or other designs are stored for direct retrieval. If you test several, only the currently selected topic remains as a direct option.

Author’s comment: This is how color comes to the Edge browser.
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