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Vaccines against COVID-19: Isobox, the country refrigerators built to transport vaccines | Medellin

Indafre is A company that emerged in 2014 from the idea of ​​two entrepreneurs from Antioquia It is based in the municipality of Belo.

David Sanclemente, the The commercial director of Radio Caracol said that the company appeared as a proposal for an invitation from the national government He was looking for a facility that could maintain the cold chain for four days.

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, They took from their inventory of experiences with cold chain management and created ISOBOX, Some portable refrigerators that allow to maintain a suitable temperature for vaccines.

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“when Vaccine distributions have begun, where there is sensitivity because transmission is the most vulnerable episode الحلقة from the cold chain. This is where you require products that can guarantee to keep cool for a certain period, ”the entrepreneur explained.

This bisa project is proposed to The national government has decided to use ISOBOX to store vaccines that arrive from manufacturing countries البلدان, and coordinate the supply of biological materials from there to the entire national territory.

Deliveries are made directly to The Ministry of Health in the Free Zone and they are responsible for distributing the quantity of equipment that we have delivered At the state level. “These vaccines have a dual application, so we are waiting for the delivery of the necessary amount of equipment,” the expert added.

Vaccine Cooling Coolers I Designed Indafre has allowed the transport of more than 150 thousand doses to the regions of Colombia of fortifications.

this project The only company in the country selected by the World Bank to implement its cold chain model to the African continent.

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