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Veronica Rosatti returns to scandal with Kinga Rusin: "Lawyers do it" :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Veronica Rosatti returns to scandal with Kinga Rusin: “Lawyers do it” :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Veronica Rosatti Kinga is not going to give up the taste so easily. Celebrities have been arguing over the loud statement of the host presenting the Oscars last year. Kinga Rusin then brought the case to light with Harvey Weinstein, who was widely commented on by the media in which the actress was involved. Rosatti announced further legal action in an interview with a journalist.

Veronica Rosatti gave a loud interview a few weeks ago Kinga criticized Rusin’s behavior at last year’s Oscars. A famous TV presenter boasted on the web with a photo of a closed event where mobile phones could not be used. Kinga Rusin posed for a photo with Adele, And the report from the Oscar-winning night he uploaded caused a storm on the internet. Veronica Rosatti did not leave a dry thread on Kinga Rusin in an interview with reporters:

A friend of mine worked at this party and was a little angry when he saw it all. Everyone picks up their phones at events like this. Besides, not only at parties. When you go to a popular restaurant in Los Angeles, the staff taps the cameras on your phones. Taking pictures is completely impossible. Rosatti told reporters.

Kinga Rusin replied that he had never commented on Veronica Rosatti’s personal life. He mentioned the relationship between Veronica Rosatti and filmmaker Harvey Weinstein, who was convicted of sexual offenses.

Veronica Rosatti was outraged and announced that she would be prosecuted for these words. The TV presenter did not apologize for his claim, but described the whole scandal involving the infamous filmmaker. He was also harshly critical of Veronica Rosatti.

I can see Veronica Rosatti pretending to be the victim and trying to confront her. I wonder why he is now looking for advertising, provoking me in interviews and then “scaring” me with lawyers. Maybe we will find out one day. – Kinga Rusin wrote in a strong post.

Veronica Rosatti is preparing a lawsuit for Kinga Rusin

Rosatti Pomponic gave an interview in which he later mentioned the scandal with Kinga Rus. Reluctantly, he answered questions from the press about what was currently going on in the matter.

I don’t do it, my lawyers do. In fact, I don’t have time for things like this. […] I do not want to participate in discussions like this that are below a certain level. […] I do not want to be involved in situations below all levels. – The reporter said in an interview with Pomponica.

When asked if the situation with Kinga Ruiz would cost him a lot, Veronica Rosatti replied that she was more concerned about current events in Poland than the whole affair.

My concern is that people get involved in some way in situations that are not really marked. There are many more important topics. In fact, we have very serious problems, and the epidemic is so important to have mutual respect, understanding and support for each other because it has destroyed so many lives and is a tragic time. – He responded in strong words to the journalist.

Veronica Rosatti refused the journalist to answer further questions. However, the actress summed up her statement about Kinga Rusin with a well-known quote.

As Pet Davis said, the extent of your success is measured by your opponents, so I must have had great success in Poland. – Ended the conversation about the TV presenter.

Veronica Rosatti Pamponic said she did not attempt to contact Kinga Rusin personally to explain the situation. He reaffirmed that the case was being investigated by his lawyers. Kinga Ruiz has not yet responded to Veronica Rosatti’s words, but she will definitely do so in the next few days.

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Will you wait for the further course of the stellar collision?

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