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Vice President Kamala Harris held power for a few hours in the United States

Kamala Harris has been overshadowed since she was hailed as the first female vice president in US history on election night in November of last year. employment Friday Harris speaks on behalf of a union that regulates plumbers and plumbers in Columbus, Ohio.

So far, President Biden She hired the Vice President on various trips abroad as she traveled to Mexico Meets President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Och Moreover Guatemala, where in an attention-getting speech she urged residents of the region not to come to the United States.

Later June visited Harris is on the border with Mexico to form an opinion about the ongoing crisis with immigrants, something that her political opponents have criticized, who say she acted too late.

But his cum has I also met French President Emmanuel Macron, which is something I did for him a few days ago. An opportunity where Harris had the opportunity to use his knowledge of French.

At home, it has so far remained out of the public eye, while President Biden, through his major infrastructure packages and social initiatives, has seen more. He wrote that the discontent of Harris supporters was great CNNwho spoke to a number of people surrounding the vice president.

“It’s only natural that we, who know her, know how much more benefit she can do than what is currently given the opportunity to her,” says California Deputy Governor Eleni Konalakis, a longtime friend of Harris’s TV channel.

On Friday, however, Harris received For 85 minutes she holds the Presidency of the United States, something no other woman before her has done. This was when Joe Biden, strictly in accordance with the Constitution, handed over power when the 79-year-old president (who completes tomorrow Saturday) was to be sedated in connection with a so-called “routine examination” of his colon in connection with his annual health check.

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At 17.35 Sweden time, Biden took office again.

– I feel fine and everything is fine and we will publish all the results, Biden said afterwards.

Later in the evening, Biden said Doctor that the president is in good health and can continue his work. No polyps or neoplasms can be detected.

In 2002 and 2007, then-President George W. Bush handed power to Vice President Dick Cheney when he came under the same kind of control as Biden.