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Video: Alida Nunez and Yvonne Montero meet face to face to settle their differences

Video: Alida Nunez and Yvonne Montero meet face to face to settle their differences

Alida Nunez e Yvonne Montero They gave each other a “Judas Kiss” during the press conference of the play “Amour de Tris”.

All because Montero announced a few months ago that he disagrees with the way Nunez has conducted himself at work.

“I don’t know his inner intentions of wanting to pretend about someone or something, I know how it works, I know his way of working, I don’t share many things‘, was the statement made by Montero at the time.

While Alida confirmed that the actress was also upset because she was crowned for the third time as Mariachi Queenthe recognition previously granted to Montero.

During the event, Yvonne was questioned about these statements, who asked them to put the videos on because she wasn’t going to say anything bad.

Besides, the actress added that it was a misunderstanding caused by the organizers.

“What appears in the video remains in the video, I did not see it, you, dear Gabo, sent it to me, At that time yes I missed the commentsAnd the But regardless, I love you so muchNunez said.

After taking off the masks, Alida said that what had happened was in the past, that she admired her colleague and would not be able to criticize her.

So it was the producer of the work who asked to end the press conference, Both of them will openly embrace.

That’s what they said

“I told him ‘what do you think, they sent me the video where I made bad comments’, and he denied it, but how can he deny that there is a video.”

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Alida Nunez, actress.

“I don’t share, but I respect, so much respect that I never complained to anyone and I’m not the only one, but from there to take it, zero, not at all.”

Yvonne Montero, actress.

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