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VIDEO Angèle reveals why she prefers her real audience over social media fans

with the release of ninety fiveAngel is everywhere. This Sunday, December 12, 2021, the Belgian guest singer was at 8:30 p.m. Sunday at France 2 to promote her new album. An opportunity for her to take a look at her tumultuous career and her relationship with the public and social networks.

This December is definitely Angela’s month. This Sunday, December 12, 2021, the Belgian singer was, Guest 8:30 pm on Sunday On France 2 to talk about his latest albums. authorized ninety five, Available since December 3rd, this new opus is packed with titles that are more successful than others. Something his fans will be disappointed with his performance at the recent NRJ Music Awards. And they were doubly happy in recent days because in addition to this album, they were able to discover a documentary about their favorite artist. Chance to discover a new side of Romeo Elvis’ sister.

Available on Netflix, the film reveals many archive footage and interviews with relatives and family. There, the artist talks about, among other things, his grandmother who is one of his greatest supporters in life. It has to be said that the 25-year-old has been living a very sweet dream since the release of her first single. Murphy’s Law in 2017 which was immediately a huge and sometimes frightening success. The guest from 8:30 pm on Sunday is the one who will be showing the new movie soon Asterix and Obelix Directed by Guillaume Canet she returns to this wonderful start in her career, which she describes as “very fast train” And based on “Russian mountains.

‘Two types of audience’

This is the best code I’ve found in life,” Do you recognize in France 2. “The ups and downs, the moments of doubt, the foolishness, and especially the unexpected. When you’re on a rollercoaster, there’s something very powerful and something very annoying as well.Anxiety sometimes also comes from his fans. If she reveals herself thanks to the social networks that she still uses a lot to communicate with her audience, then she admits that this world is very difficult for her. Translator free He even admits to his real audience preference Instead of facing that on the Internet.

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For me, social networks are two types of audience. There is a real audience on stage and nothing can take its place. It is a human relationship, it is organic and physical. No matter the room or people, There is something magical going on, ” Explains to Laurent Dillahous. “Then there’s the public on social networks and that, he forgives less. It’s cruel sometimes So I always wanted to separate things.” One way for her is to keep her feet on the ground and above all to avoid any form of negativity.