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VIDEO HOUSE FOR SALE: A saleswoman considers a ‘mini-retirement’ shocks netizens

VIDEO HOUSE FOR SALE: A saleswoman considers a ‘mini-retirement’ shocks netizens

On Monday, June 21, 2021, a saleswoman in Maison à vente was shocked when she revealed the amount of her pension. Touching at 1,500 euros a month, the 62-year-old Marseille felt that pension was too low. Some netizens did not fail to express their disapproval on Twitter.

It is in the heart of Marseille in the first district thatAline made an appointment with Stephen Plaza. Accompanied by teams from House for saleThe star real estate agent went to M6 to meet with the now-retired former executive assistant. Allen lives in an apartment which may come as a surprise because, as she called herself, “atypicalThe Stéphane Plaza teams have pledged to Give it a go In addition to rethinking the space. Target ? I hope you can finally leave this place where you have lived for so many years and have a fresh start. “I have to sell the apartment Because I have a little retirement. I only get 1,500 euros a month. I still have a loan on this apartment. I still have ten years to go. You have to sell absolutely and fast!It was explained to the M6 ​​cameras in the program that aired on Monday, June 21, 2021.

Allen, off line with some netizens

But now, if Allen has all the sympathetic retirees, her remark about how much she’s retired made many netizens shiver. Complaining about her income, 62-year-old Marseille ruled that her pension of 1,500 euros was “back off a little“.a sentence that some viewers considered inappropriate and did not remember that some assets pay this amount every month, or even less.”So I just heard: “I have a small pension, I only have 1,500 a month.” She’s serious over there… “,” Seriously, does she have a little retirement? But the girl You earn more than some assets!“Retirement more than I receive as a salary”, “1500 euros a small pension?! It is not even what I earn every month“, Can we read on Monday, June 21, 2021 in the evening, during the radio House for sale.