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VIDEO Telethon 2021: The sweet surprise of Pascal Obispo performing a duet with Little Eugenie on the piano

This is an event Pascal Obispo didn’t want to miss: the Telethon. Sponsor of the charity show in 2018, the singer was forced to rest due to his unease, but wanted to attend on Saturday, December 4th. He found little Eugenie playing the piano piece. Touching moment.

coming Pascal Obispo on the 35th edition of Telethon It was not formalized until launch time. the singer, Victim of discomfort on November 29 Before entering the scene for a private concert near Toulouse, he had to be hospitalized. If the artist explained After he said his last wordAnd Stressing not to be “Man to Surrender”He still has to cancel his next concerts and force him to. a Forced and necessary rest. The author, composer and instrumentalist has yet to confirm his participation in the Telethon on Saturday, December 4th.

which was not Surprise and joy for his fans To discover my beloved Julie Huntson on France 2 in the charity program! The singer’s first public appearance since he felt uncomfortable delighted viewers. For those who sponsored Telethon in 2018, there was no doubt about missing out on this great event. So, Pascal Obispo managed to find little Eugenie, a little girl of 8 and a half years old. He suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, which he has been associated with for several years.

“We have a little surprise”

She was diagnosed when she was 15 months old, Eugenie suffers from muscular dystrophy in the spine. The little girl from Vendée was one of the characters of Telethon 2018, and on this occasion befriended Pascal Obispo. Since then the singer Follow the path and treatment of Eugenie And during the 2021 edition, the star and the girl wanted to present a small surprise to the audience. We have a little surprise for you., explained Pascal Obispo after interpreting a piece of his composition on piano under Eugenie’s stunning gaze. Thanks for donations and treatment thanks to Telethongo eugenie He sings you a little song I’m going to do a duet with her.”singer revealed.

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A moment full of emotion as Eugenie sat behind the piano and She performs the melody by herself from clear fountain. Bravo to this brave little girl who is living proof that Telethon money is helping advance research and reduce disease!