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VIDEO Vincent (Love is in the meadow): netizens are shocked by the farmer’s somewhat vague notes

Once again, Vincent has been talked about! Educator who participates in Love is in the meadow Once again he made netizens react because of his statements that were considered very bold. On Twitter, viewers released them.

Vincent did not leave viewers unmoved. Season 16 contestant Love is in the meadow He keeps getting internet users to interact with every one of his clips. In fact, his attractive, classy, ​​good-natured side seems to be pretty perfect in the eyes of fans of the show. His behavior did not improve with the arrival of his suitors, Hafsa and Natasha. “At that time, I fell in love with all of them. I found Natasha very beautiful. And the journey of Hafsa, who is also a very beautiful woman, impressed me. Let’s be honest: When you find yourself at a party, you won’t go to the person you love in the least. After that, you still have to find some connections‘Capt for screen star. The program production also hesitated to choose him as a candidate : “It doesn’t sound like a lonely farmer cliché, but it also proves the diversity of the sector‘, explain to Parisian.

Misplaced ideas

On Monday, October 11th, Vincent made people talk about him again, due to his slightly daring remarks … The hair breeder also provided training for his animals with Natasha, and he is very attentive: “Surely a riding costume is, we say, useful for seeing shapes, somewhat of a girls’ silhouette”, trust. He who called himself“Basic”, Do not hesitate to harass suitors! Behavior that netizens who shared their amazement and criticism did not escape on Twitter. “He devours it with his eyes and not for healthy things”, “I see Natasha more open to me… I just have bad thoughts”, “And if she didn’t have this physique she would have chosen Aren’t sure this would be a complete choice…” Body and character…On the other hand, his cute little show, “Am I or Vincent only judge bodily matters?”, “The horse allows you to see the forms well…”, Can we read on the social network. Vincent is not at all unanimous.

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