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Virtualna polka - everything is important

Virtualna polka – everything is important

We basically gave up hope. This is the last minute of the match. It worked! Lewandowski waited until the last step of the match to break Gert Mல்லller’s record. We did it on tape! The polar lowest in the history of the Bundesliga!

All signs in heaven and on earth indicated that Robert Lewandowski would not surpass Gert Mல்லller’s glorious record of nearly 50 years. My friends did everything to help, but life was hard with the team defenders and goalkeeper Rafes Kikivich from Oxburg.

Finally, it was the 90th minute, which was actually in the final action movie of the match. Leroy Sane decided on a serious strike from a distance. Kikivich made his only mistake, which gave “Louis” the highway to his dreams.

The best striker in the world moved towards the ball released by the goalkeeper like a pure sprinter. He passed the goalkeeper, scoring the only goal of the season for the 41st time and making world football history! There was no end to the ecstasy after the final whistle. The whole Bayern, coaching staff, several hundred fans, were exceptionally allowed on the field and they were happy. The referee ended the match and decided that there was no point in continuing it and adding any minutes. Bayern won 5: 2.

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