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Weight is not an obstacle to success

Weight is not an obstacle to success

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Wednesday 6 April 2022 – 12:00 AM

Miss Universe is criticized for being overweight

Only in December was she lauded for being crowned the new Miss Universe, garnering millions of comments for her beauty, months after the famous pageant was criticized for her physical alteration. This is Harnaaz Sandhu, who recently sparked comments about being overweight, after circulating photos on social networks.

Critics of netizens were recorded as a result of a video clip, in which the miss was shown on the podium, they even told her that she looked pregnant.

“Self-respect is the greatest revolution that exists,” says Mehr Eliezer, who represented Panama in the same competition, but in 2019: Before and after the event was selected.

The singer says that, as a woman, she has been criticized for stretch marks, hair, cellulite and body fat, among many other things. “I know I am not a perfect woman, but I am a woman who loves life.” She has said that she will not put filters on her photos and that she will show herself as she is.

Weight is not a hindrance to success, a vivid example of this is some well-known women in the Panamanian arena.

Popular blogger and influencer Piky Zubieta said she went through a time when she was embarrassed to go to the gym. He was very worried about “what would they say”. I thought people would say “what’s that fat woman doing here”. Now keep in mind that the first step to mental health is to stop thinking about others.

With her story, the writer has also reached various local television screens, and is an inspiration to many women.

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DJ Kathy Phillips and actress Natalie Harris also noted her weight. They have both been featured on TV and, thanks to their careers and charisma, have earned them love and respect.


Unfortunately, HARNAAZ SANDHU has come under heavy criticism over the past days. However, despite the situation, she is still enabled.

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