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What happened … – “Our vision is a new Davos in Africa” ​​- Munich

Business is definitely about profit. Some companies are also concerned about the environment and the community. Oliver Specter and Axel Noord still think there are very few who do that. That’s why in the fall of 2020 they published the book “Planet Proof. How to Lead Your Company to a Sustainable and Successful Future”. They founded the “Alpha with a Difference” network. Alpha means alpha animals – it’s about different alpha animals: open to change. 50-year-old Spectrum Management Consultant and Coach.

SZ: Mr. Spect, your book was published six months ago. What happened after that?

Oliver Spect: After the event at the University of Technology in Munich, after we presented the book and an SZ article, several interested parties from different disciplines were contacted. We decided to find an association from the “Alpha Times Different” initiative. There we can integrate different skills and organize the work democratically so that we can better implement our goals. A new name was quickly discovered: “Future Circle – Reconsideration of the Economy, Healing the Planet Earth”. We now have twelve people from the business, including former managing directors and team members, managing trainers of consulting and economists. One of the people who came to us through the SZ article was Margit Huber, a global business consultant who is now a team member.

Last September you announced that you would be discussing sustainability in companies at future stations. The first event is scheduled for December in Seatville. What happened in it?

Corona had to postpone the start of regular conversation design in Seatville. Hope we can do it in May. Otherwise, it is important for all members that life continues even during epidemics because the challenges never take a break. They need to be addressed. That’s why we founded the association, communicating digitally, via video conference and via Slack, and organized ourselves. We take pride in managing all of this without meeting physically and without getting to know each other personally. We can’t implement many ideas right now, but we get more creative every week when it comes to how to reach people and companies.

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What exactly happened, for example in relation to companies?

We want to provide companies with successful examples of sustainable corporate management. For this purpose, we have evaluated the stability reports of Docs 30 companies and analyzed the impact on the planet and society for the first time. An initial inventory has been prepared and we are currently engaged in evaluating companies. This shows that only two companies have a positive impact on the planet, and five companies have a positive impact on society. However, no company has yet had a positive impact on the planet and society. So there is still a lot of room to act.

What else are you doing?

We focus on building a network of companies that want to take sustainable business seriously. With events and releases, we want to make a wider impact and convey our motivation to the outside world. We also work on the brand for companies that have a truly positive impact on the planet and society and are economically successful in doing so.

What’s next?

There are still many ideas and initial opportunities that we will learn and integrate in the next few weeks. You are welcome to participate in our four working groups. They are: Programs / Training, Events, Stamps and Communication / Publications. Our vision is an international event in two to three years: a new Davos in Africa “Designing the future with a positive impact on the planet and society – an invitation to participate!”