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What is Balzac’s adaptation by Xavier Giannoli worth?

Even the Society of Friends of Honoré de Balzac did not overcome it: Xavier Giannoli succeeded in conquering the mountain considered impassable by adapting to lost illusions By Honoré de Balzac. Literary pinnacle, of impressive height, the complex story of a young man from the provinces of Paris in the nineteenth centuryNS The Century, a three-volume novel, published between 1837 and 1843.

In this tale with autobiographical accents, Balzac engages in a fascinating study of morality through the image of an idealistic young man, going through happy misfortunes in Paris, flaring his wings like a butterfly irresistibly drawn by the light of Paris, making for someone’s cruel apprenticeship. A ruthless class society, discovers a world of literature and theater subject to corrupt criticism that assassinates the weakest and the poorest.

A whole bunch of characters were drawn from this time when neither gift nor genius was enough to reach celebrity, glory, and fortune. Beautiful hopes end badly in this mundane and bourgeois society that is so grandiose and looks among itself: illusions are fatal. Balzac’s indictment against the small political and literary press of the Restoration, the little ducks of his day, killing youth and talent, is overwhelming.

This is impossible.. any other Balzac novel.. but no lost illusionsAnne-Marie Baron, president of the Friends of Balzac, responded when Xavier Giannulli told him about his adaptive project. But the director, like a hero illusions, He did not hesitate in his determination: he wanted to believe, with idealism and enthusiasm, that it was possible, to carry his film without fail, vigorously. And unlike Lucien de Rombery, the young man is defeated illusions His dreams were shattered by a poet and he achieved his goals.

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A satire on human nature

Discovering the feature film, Les Amis de Balzac agreed that this film, which combines mostly drawn objects from the first two parts of the novel, is a fine cinematic work. The freedoms he took with the novel does not weaken his great qualities.

lost illusions To the astonishing whirlwind of human comedy in 19th century ParisNS The Century: A scandalous satire of human nature, between mediocrity and meanness, directed by actors Cécile de France, Jeanne Balbar, Gerard Depardieu and the late Jean-François Stephenin.

At the top of the bill is the formidable Benjamin Voisin as Lucien de Rombery stunned this double man Balzac, the fiery, charismatic and unstable young man with early fame. He fulfills the promise of the greatness of the Belgian hero, backed by a groundbreaking duo with Vincent Lacoste, in the prolific role of a rude, eccentric and ridiculous journalist. They are two sides of this illusions Fantastic: Tragic and Comedy.