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What Maciej Musiał revealed ... or indeed, who he liked most about "The Witcher": :: Magazine :: RMF FM

What Maciej Musiał revealed … or indeed, who he liked most about “The Witcher”: :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Starting today, the second season of the “The Witcher” series is available on the Netflix site. On this occasion, the author of RMF 24 spoke with Maciej Musiał, who played in the first season of Top Production. The actor revealed who Henry Cavill really was, and in the set of the series who he really liked and who he was in contact with so far …

What does it mean for a butcher to return from Flavigen?

Platform Netflix Undertook the screening Series of novels by Andrzej Sabkovsky About adventures Gerald, the magician of Rivia. The first season appeared on the site In 2019. Fans waiting for the next installment, their patience paid off! Due to the first scene of the second season of production, Actor Maciej MusiałWho were portrayed Syntrian knight Sir Laslow, Told the author of RMF 24 about He recalled working on “The Witcher” …

Maciej Musiał’s honest confession …

It was a great adventure. We filmed in Budapest. Even though I’ve been on screen for a while, it does […] Since it was the first episode I had the feeling that I was starting with everyone. I remember well. Not only that, I don’t have to be allergic
– The actor finished jokingly

The character played by Maciej Musiał is memorable He appeared in the first and seventh chapters “The Witcher” series. When asked about participating in such a big production, the actor responded:

I would not trade it for any other experience and I was so proud of it.

How did the actor remember Henry Temple?

Maciej Musiał added The shooting site took about seven days. When asked about his common posts and what He liked it so much when recording In this production, the artist jokingly commented:


He then added:

Henry is simply gorgeous, he’s gorgeous to the touch … someone picks him up and “looks like he was drawn with a pencil”.

The actor revealed what Executive Committee Retrieved from Henry Ego Cavilla:

Always try each scene in a myriad of ways. This broadens your understanding of the situation and gives you additional choices.

Eventually, Maciej Musiał revealed it He is in touch with young actress Freya Allen. He also mentioned that the second season of the series is in the background Can’t express anything, Go

Defects evoke imagination …

What awaits us in the next part of “The Witcher”?

The second season is a sequel to the emotional and brutal story of The Witch (Also known as Flaviken’s Butcher), Wengerberg’s Witch Jennifer, Bart Dandelion and Princess Siri. On screens – in our homes – from today, we can host well-known actors from the previous season of the series. Henry Ego Cavilla Such as Gerald of Rivia, Anya Salotra As Jennifer From Wengerberg, Frey AllenIn which it incarnates again Princess Cyril And Joey’a Batey’ego Sexy Glaucoma.

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The white wolf … and his fame

Slavic novels by Andrzej Sabkovsky They are not the only ones adapted from the series Produced in the version of computer roll-flaming games In the fantasy conference. In 2001, it entered Polish theaters The movie “The Witcher” directed by Marek Brodzki. Starred in the title character Michał ebrowski, Whereas Zbigniew Zamachowski played Glaucoma. Unfortunately, domestic screening did not receive many positive votes. Polish audience I liked the series, much of the foreign production Performed by Netflix.

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December 2021 on Netflix. We look forward to great returns and lots of news! [LISTA PREMIER]

Netflix did not disappoint as usual. The stage will be filled with many series and movie premieres in December. Among other things, “The Witcher” and “House of Paper” are scheduled to return.